The Disch family and our great staff would like to thank all of our loyal and dedicated guests for the success of Disch’s Tavern. The parking situation can be deceiving.  We have over 250 seats in the restaurant and we will have valets on Wednesday through Sunday nights to serve the needs of our guests. We truly appreciate your business and always work to accommodate you, our loyal guests. We also believe it is in the best interest of all of our guests if we do not take dinner reservations at this time. WE DO ACCEPT LUNCH RESERVATIONS. 

Thank you for your understanding, and thank you for the overwhelming reception you have given Disch’s Tavern.

Our culinary team at Disch’s Route 53 Tavern is the same team you knew and loved at our former Brant Rock Restaurant. We specialize in regional recipes using locally grown food and fresh ingredients. The restaurant features savory side dishes, artisan bread, and decadent desserts to complement our full menus. For the younger ones, our children’s menu offers fun, family favorites. Here, at Disch’s Route 53 Tavern, great food, good company and a talented culinary team ensure a delectable dining experience.

Disch’s Route 53 Tavern features fresh food and a “from scratch” menu. Everything is made in house. We feature American faire and fresh seafood. We have also incorporated some of the more popular Bobby Hackett’s menu items as well. We also have a children’s menu and the environment is child-friendly.

Disch’s Route 53 Tavern features traditional dinners Sunday thru Thursday just as the Fairview Inn did.

Sunday  – Chicken Pot Pie
Monday  – Shepherd’s Pie
Tuesday  – Meatloaf
Wednesday  – Corned Beef and Cabbage
Thursday  – Roast Turkey Dinner


Open for dinner 11-5 reservations recommended

Open For dinner 11-5 reservations recommended


Open For dinner 11-5 reservations recommended


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